Helping get young people into jobs

WORKit is designed to help find full time work for people in South Waikato who are under 25 and don’t have a job or qualifications.

It’s a joint effort between the South Waikato District Council and Mayors Taskforce for Jobs (MTFJ) and is funded by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).

We’re part of a number of nationwide Community Recovery Programme projects working towards one vision: to have all young people under 25 being in appropriate education, training, work or other positive activities in their community.

Paniora Daniels is our WORKit Connector. It’s his job to connect, engage, excite and prepare NEET youth for job opportunities in the South Waikato.

As part of the community, our Connector works with the families of young people looking for jobs, in a holistic whanau centred approach.

MSD staff support a pipeline of local employers who have job vacancies and help match those jobs to WORKit job seekers.

The right support for each person

Flexibility is a big plus when it comes to the support WORKit provides. It could be that we buy tools that aren’t funded by the employer, or work clothes such as a suit or overalls. If the young person doesn’t have a car or can’t afford public transport, we may be able to help out with a bicycle or scooter, or data credit.

Additional support can include job interview skills, confidence building, and help around what to wear and how to look.

Specialists are also available for support around mental health and addictions. And we can provide access to safe and secure accommodation.

A snapshot of WORKit guidelines

  • Support young people who aren’t currently working, training or doing studies;
  • Support young people who are looking for full time work;
  • Support young people with assistance that local support services can’t provide;
  • Support young people who need help engaging in a full time job or training studies;
  • Help SMEs with recruitment and training;
  • Support employers who run incentive programmes and courses for local communities;
  • Connect local support groups and programme stakeholders to achieve the WORKit goal;
  • Connect businesses with community support services.

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