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WORKit for Job Seekers

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WORKit for Employers

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Aged 16 to 25? Don’t have a job? Don’t have any qualifications? Don’t worry. WORKit will help you get into full-time paid work. And it’s local.

Here’s how WORKit works

You know you can be a great employee. You just need someone to give you a chance. That’s where WORKit comes in.

We’re part of the South Waikato District Council. And we’re all about helping young people like you get into full-time paid jobs in the local area.

WORKit will:

  • Help you find the job that’s right for you;
  • Create a new CV or help improve the one you’ve got;
  • Help with training, job interviews and transport;
  • Provide ongoing support when you’re working.

It’s all free. So register today, and let’s gear you up for a full-time job.

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The partners who help WORKit happen

Forest View High School
Toi Ohomai
Tokoroa Council
Toi Ohomai
Te Wananga o Aotearoa
Progress to Health

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